Sonoma County Permit
     Providing Plans and Permit Help since 1994
Welcome to Sonoma County Permit and Design

Sonoma County Permit was established in 1994 to help contractors, homeowners and business people that need to generate designs and working drawings, obtain permits, and manage projects, in a regulatory environment that has become increasingly challenging to comprehend and navigate through.  Simply put, the design and permit process in California has become so complex and expensive that not having an experienced  advocate working for you  is no longer a smart option.  Sonoma County Permit also offers consulting in difficult situations such as illegal construction or zoning restrictions.  Sonoma County Permit can help realtors, homeowners and banks clean up problem properties.  We manage the permit and construction process from pre-planning to final construction.

Do you have a residential or commercial project needing plans and permits? Are you concerned about the quality of work being done on a current project?  Do you have non-permitted construction on your home or business?  Have you just been turned in for illegal construction? Do you need construction advice or some help managing a project? Do you just need to get a straight answer on one question or do you need a large project supervised from planning to finish? Perhaps we can help. These are the types of things done by Sonoma County Permit.

There are many reasons for obtaining assistance with construction projects. The bottom line is that you need help.  This is understandable.   The reality is that construction in California is expensive and it is complex. With all the competing concerns over things like floods, fire, earthquakes and general safety, our modern building code is a labyrinth of overlapping and confusing rules and regulations. Combine this with different zoning requirements, septic and water issues and code violations and you can see easily how building department rules have broken many a strong spirit. How to know what to do? Like calling the IRS, if you ask a question one day, the answer you receive may not be the same the next. And it isn't any better if you go there in person.  The average person doesn't know if he or she is given incorrect information. How could they?

Someone with the right experience knows when they are being misled and how to get good answers and then how to get your project approved in the most favorable manner possible. They can help you develop options along with a budget and a game plan to see your way through.  And if this person is truly looking out for your interest it means less expense from unnecessary requirements and delays and less expense on an inefficient and overbuilt design. It means less stress from an uncertain and seemingly endless process.

If after reviewing the information on this site you feel you might want to see if I can help, give me a call.  You will not get a sales pitch. You may get some questions answered. And you certainly will get a better idea if Sonoma County Permit and Design may be able to help you.

Rates are reasonable and depend on the type of job. Hourly and set fees are available as suits the customer and the project.